Signant documentation

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Signant documentation

Signant enables advanced electronic signatures (AES) and combines services from trust service providers into a single signature portal at your disposal.  

The purpose of Signant is to act as a cross border common signature service provider for AES undertaking the trust framework set out by the eIDAS regulation (EU) No 910/2014.


How it works

This is the basic concept of the Signant signature portal - one or more documents to be signed (Signature posting) are uploaded to the service. The service will then notify the signatories by mail and/or SMS with a request for their signatures. When all the signatories have signed the document(s)e online, you as the posting owner can download your signed documents.





Key features

PDF with Advanced Electronic Signature - Long Term Validation (PAdES-LTV)
Compliant to ISO 32000-1 and ETSI TS 102 778-4

Multi signature
Signatures are added sequencial to the same document.

Multi e-ID
The signatures may origin from different e-ID providers.

Archive with Preservation Service
Keeps the PAdES-LTV signatures valid indefinitly.  

eSeal service
Corporate document signing.  

API for web service integration
Enable the Signant services into your business applications.


Supported e-ID providers

Signant currently support electronic signatures with the following e-ID providers:

Norwegian BankID

Norwegian Buypass

Swedish BankID

Danish NemID

Dutch iDIN