Web Services

Web Services

Signant offers several web service functions to make it easy for you to integrate digital signature with your existing business. You find technical details related to each web service in the following table:

Posting Service

The Signant Posting Service is the primary service for creating a standard signature posting. This web service allows you to upload documents and assign signatories. When you execute a signature posting, Signant will start to send messages to the signatories and requesting their digital signatures to your documents. When all signatories have signed you may use Posting Service to retrieve the completed posting.

The illustration below demonstrate the workflow for a standard signature posting:


Posting Service workflow:
1.Create posting.
Here you will use the webservice function CreateSignPosting to create and prepare a new signature posting.
2.Email notification to the signatories.
This step is performed by Signant. The signatories will also receive reminder email automatically.
3.Signatory login.
The signatory perform login with an electronic ID.
4.Signatory perform digital signature.
5.Check status.
Webservice function GetPostingStatus. You may use this function at any time to check the status of your signature postings.
6.Email notification to the posting owner.
This step is optional and is turned on or off depending on your requirements by Signant
7.Download signed documents.
Use webservice function DownloadAttachment to download your completed documents.

Code sample for CreateSignPosting

Visual Studio C#   PHP


Instant Signature Service

The Instant Signature Service allows you to apply a digital signature immediately without use of email notification to the signatory. This service is typically suited for a web form scenario where you would like the end user to be able to digitally sign the form data immediately after fulfilling the web form.

Instant Signature Service workflow: 


Dataflow steps

1.Integrator web initializes a new “Instant Sign” posting.
2.Url to signing is returned.
3.User is redirected to signature page.
4.After successful signing the user is redirected back to Integrator web.
5.Integrator backend checks status (every 5 minutes), or when user is redirected back to Integrator web.
6.Signant WS returns signature status.
7.When signature status is completed Integrator backend downloads the document.
8.Signant WS returns the signed document.

Code sample for CreateInstantPosting

Visual Studio C#  PHP

Authentication Service

The Authentication Service allows you to perform PKI based authentication of your end users.

The illustration below demonstrate the workflow for a standard authentication process:

Authentication Service workflow steps:
1.User tries to access locked page without being authenticated.
2.Integrator initializes new Authentication.
3.URL to authentication is returned.
4.User is redirected to the Signant authentication page.
5.After successful authentication the user is redirected back to Integrator web.
6.The redirect back (step 5.) should trigger a call to the “authentication status check” function call from the Integrator system.
7.Signant WS returns authentication status.
8.If authentication was successful the user is logged in to the Integrator web.

Code sample for InitAuth

Visual Studio C#  PHP