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General Privacy Statement

The general Privacy Policy applies to all business areas in Maeestro Soft and to all websites, products and cloud services controlled by Maestro Soft.

See the Maestro Soft Privacy Statement.


Terms of use for Customer

The terms and conditions apply to customers of the Signant service. The terms and conditions must be accepted in order to use Signant.

See Appendix 1 - Terms of use for Signant - Customer.


Terms of user for Signatories

These terms apply to the natural person that the service uses electronic identification for electronic signatures.

See Terms of use for Signatories.  



Data processor agreement

The Data Processor Agreement regulates how Maestro Soft AS processes personal data on behalf of the Customer when carrying out the ‘Signant’ service. See Data Processor Agreement.


Use of sub-processors

The following table list vendors that qualify as sub-processors in regard to the Data Processor Agreement.



Cloud and PAAS provider - Web servers, Storage, Network etc.

Vipps AS

Trust Services provider for Norwegian BankID

Buypass AS

Trust services provicer for Norwegian Buypass


Trust service provider for Swedish BankID

Nets DanID

Trust services provider for Danish NemID


Trust services provider for the Dutch iDIN

Link Mobility Group AS

Text messaging service for mobile devices (SMS)



Service Lever Agreement

The purpose of the Service Level Agreement is to manifest the level of service to a common perception of what quality and assurance to expect from the service. The Service Level Agreement also describe consequence actions as a result of a service level not fulfilling the defined expectations.

See the Service Level Agreement document.